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When researching a sprinklers company in Spring, TX, it is important that you know what type of system you currently have installed, and choose a company that is experienced in working with those systems. Additionally, for those that have not yet installed a sprinkler system for their lawn, having a solid understanding of the different options that are available can help you to find the best solution for your lawn.

Soaker hoses

Soaker hoses are among the most common types of lawn sprinkler systems, and any lawn sprinkler repair company should be exceedingly familiar with them. Soaker hoses are long hoses that are commonly strewn through garden beds, plants and lawns to provide an ongoing water to plants in need. They can also be attached to solid hoses to ensure that you are not wasting water in areas that do not need it.

Drip System

Drip systems are another common type of sprinkler system. They provide an efficient way to irrigate many plants in a common area. Drip systems apply water to an area very slowly, which makes them idea for clay soils which will absorb the water as it is dripped. Drip systems typically use several different types of equipment including drippers, soakers, and micro-sprayers, depending on the system that you choose.

Automatic Spray System

Automatic spray systems are the most common type of lawn sprinkler system today. These systems are run on a timer. The sprinkler head pops up and begins watering the lawn or garden when the timer goes off, and usually provide several water cycles throughout the day. They can use different sprinkler heads to shoot water farther, or displace the water more evenly across the lawn.

Rotor System

Rotor systems apply water at a slower rate than the traditional automatic spray system. This allows the soil to absorb the moisture over time, which results in a larger percentage of the water being absorbed. They typically provide water at less than half an inch per hour.

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