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The Woodlands is, as we all know, one of the finest master-planned communities in Texas. We enjoy servicing our customers who live there, especially because they all seem to care so much about how their lawns look — and we are very passionate about lawns. As we work we see families using their lawns to socialize and play together, which is exactly what we believe lawns are meant for.

All of this heavy use, however, tends to result in what is known as soil compacting: the small gaps that exist in the soil slowly compress as children run and roll over the lawn and when the charcoal gets set down on the lawn by the barbecue. The result of soil compacting is that the air and water which flow through these gaps to the roots of grass, 6 inches or so below the surface, are unable to do so; this denies a lawn the nutrients it needs to grow green and lush.

We recommend the process of plug aeration to our customers in The Woodlands as a solution to this problem. By pulling up small “plugs” of dirt, we create holes in a lawn which allow the dirt to loosen up and for those nutrients from the air and water to get where they need to go. Plug aeration is done once a year, commonly in the Spring or Fall when the air is cooler, but its effects can be seen all year long.

Just as with our other services, our plug aeration service comes with our Personal 100% Iron-Clad, Risk Free, “Double” Money-Back Guarantee. With such little risk, if you really care about your lawn you should see just how much of a difference plug aeration can make.