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The moderate year-round climate around Tomball, Texas means that you can easily add color to your landscape all year utilizing seasonal flowers. Very few things are as visually appealing as a lush green lawn with a border composed of colorful blossoms. In order to achieve a non-stop bevy of blooms throughout the year, you have to plant several types of flowers such as those that bloom during the cool winter months and plants that will blossom during the height of area’s humid summer season.

During the cool spring, fall and winter months plant bachelor’s buttons, English daisies, violas, columbines, petunias, snapdragons, sweet peas, calendula, pansies, and larkspurs. When summer’s heat and humidity descend on Tomball, it’s time to turn to tried and true regional Southern favorites such as crape myrtle, zinnias, begonias, cosmos, black-eyed Susans, lantanas, salvias, and verbenas.

Adding color to your landscape doesn’t just mean planting flowers. You might want to also use colorful plants such as the Wandering Jew. The Wandering Jew does well in shady areas and adds shades of purple and green to your garden’s color scheme. In sunny locations, amaranth and sanchezias grow well. Amaranths sport leaves that feature reds, oranges, and yellows. Sanchezias have long narrow leaves that are a brilliant green and yellow hue.

Vines also play a vital role in creating visual diversity and color in landscapes in Tomball. The white potato vine, cypress vine, bougainvillea, coral vine, and Mexican flame vine all grow well in local gardens.

Flowering large shrubs are great for filling blank areas of the landscape and accentuating a picturesque lawn. The gardenia, bottlebush and oleander all produce an abundance of blooms in various shades to brighten up the garden.

The best way to add color to a Tomball landscape is to grow a diverse number of plants for all seasons for a non-stop display. Utilize flowers, plants, vines, and shrubs to complete the landscape’s appearance.

At GreenGate Turf, we would be happy to add the color to your landscape utilizing a variety of seasonal flowers. Please contact our landscaping professionals today.