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Spring is here and temperatures are finally warming. We’ve had lots of rain which is great for the Woodlands lawn. Now it is time for us to do our part; feed the grass and get rid of weeds. Just as the rain and now the sun cause the grass to grow, so it encourages those broadleaf weeds to jump as well.

Control the weeds in the lawn while you encourage the growth of the grass with a scheduled fertilization program. Use a weed and feed product for the health of the turf and getting rid of weeds and harmful insects.

When to Fertilize in the Woodlands

In the Woodlands, the schedule for fertilizing the lawn is once in spring, once or twice during the summer and again in autumn. Spring fertilization is of utmost importance. This sets the pace for lawn growth and killing lawn weeds in the Woodlands.

Specific times and amounts of the right weed and feed product make your lawn lush and green. You can even choose one for your particular type of grass. If you don’t know what type of grass is planted in your lawn, contact a professional to apply just the right product. GreenGate Turf Management is just the company to get that lawn maintenance started.


Our lawn care professionals determine if your yard needs aeration, bringing many of those bugs to the surface, so the product can kill all of them. Aeration allows water, air and the product to sink more deeply into the lawn, providing deeper, stronger roots from which the grass grows in your Woodland lawn. Spring aeration and fertilization prepares your lawn for summer heat and all the traffic your yard will experience during this season when kids are out of school and outdoor activities are at their peak.


Mowing is important as well. Sharp blades on the mower prevent that ragged look where blades of grass break from dull mower blades. Set mower blades at the proper height for your Woodlands lawn. This is also a good time to reseed bare spots in the lawn.

Take advantage of our total lawn care package for the health and beauty of your biggest outside investment. As you know, a lush, well-manicured lawn increases the value of your property in the Woodlands. Lawn care is particularly important if you are selling your home.

Caring for the lawn properly is a wise investment, one every homeowner should make. Contact us to get started on greening up that lush, beautiful lawn this year.