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Working correctly, your irrigation system is a blessing in our hot weather. However, lawn irrigation systems that overwater, spray into your neighbors lawns, or not at all can create dry spots and/or encourage fungus and insects. A lawn sprinkler system operating at peak performance will pay for itself with water savings alone. Don’t wait, get on GreenGate’s seasonal sprinkler adjustments today!


ALL system checks below include the following GreenGate Turf Management 12-point inspection process:

  1. Run a system test cycle.
  2. Review entire system for leaks.
  3. Review & program controller for the watering season.
  4. Verify rain sensor for proper operation (if you have one).
  5. Verify cleanliness of all lines, heads and nozzles.
  6. Confirm automatic valves fully open and close.
  7. Check that electric solenoids operate correctly.
  8. Check for leaky seals in heads.
  9. Verify nozzles have correct spray patterns (not watering the street!).
  10. Adjust all sprinklers as needed.
  11. Notify customer if any repairs or alterations to the system are needed.  (No additional work will be performed without your consent)
  12. Submit inspection report to customer of any issues found

Early Spring Inspection & Startup

GreenGates 12 point inspection.
Inspect entire system for freeze damage.
Trim grass from around all heads and valves.
Install new battery in controllers (unless you have a rechargeable battery)
Adjust watering time to landscape’s spring time water requirements.

Summer System Check

GreenGates12 point inspection.
Trim sod/grass from around all heads & valves.
Adjust watering schedule to landscape’s summertime water requirements.

Late Summer Check

GreenGates12 point inspection
Trim sod/grass from around all heads & Valves.
Adjust watering schedule to landscape’s fall watering requirement.

Winterization & Final Check

GreenGates12 point inspection.
Adjust water schedule to landscape’s winter water requirements (or turn off at owners request)
You may want to consider having your pipes insulated and insulation bag installed over your back flow preventer to prevent black flow from freezing and blowing. (Ask for details!)


Having an irrigation system is great. Looking outside and seeing water shooting straight up from a sprinkler head is not so great. GreenGate Turf Management Professionals can inspect, repair, and install replacements for all working parts of your lawn sprinkler system.

Some of our most common irrigation system repairs include:
Sprinkler heads
Water Pipes
Rain Sensors
Backflow Preventer


Preparing for a freeze the right way before the cold hits can make or break whether you have to pay for sprinkler system repairs later. Let GreenGate Turf get your pipes, backflow, and outdoor faucets winter-ready!

Insulation of all pipes from ground to back flow preventer.
Custom, R13 pouch to protect back flow.
Custom insulated pouch for outdoor faucets (up to 4)

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