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GreenGate’s guaranteed 1x Sod Web Worm application is an excellent budget-friendly defense against our most costly pest, Tropical Sod Web Worm. We use only the most sophisticated products & application process to protect your yard and we apply it just one time in the spring for season-long protection. Our application also defends your turf from damaging grubs.

***Bundle Grub/Sod Web Worm with other services and save even more, ask us how $$***


This application is guaranteed for the entire season. If you experience sod webworms during that time frame after we have treated your yard, we will spray the entire yard at no charge. (You may still see moths)


Our formula also contains a bio-inoculant to strengthen your turf’s roots and cell walls. Our bio-inoculant will also enrich your soils with live microbes, bacteria, fungus and minerals. This is an exceptional product and is offered exclusively by GreenGate Turf. (You may still see moths)


This WILL NOT prevent moths from being in, on, and around your yard. This product kills the sod web worm while it is in its worm stage, NOT as a moth. (You may still see moths)


We believe this treatment is the absolute best way to prevent the extensive damage incurred by an infestation and have structured the pricing to be as economical as possible for our clients. This is NOT a hit or miss contact spray offered by others with no warranty.

If you’d like a quote for your home, call us at 281.898.5282 or fill out the form below and we can have that quote over to you as soon as possible (usually the same day).

Team GG is absolutely committed to helping our customers fight back against this invasive pest.

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