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Taking care of your piece of planet earth also means keeping those mosquitos as far away from you as we can. We are locally owned and operated so we know the best way to remove these buggers that won’t seem to leave you alone. Read below to learn what GreenGate Turf Mosquito Barrier Control can do for you by protecting your home from roost mosquitos!

Mosquito Barrier Control For Your Home

A monthly Mosquito Barrier and In2Care Pots for exceptional home mosquito control at one low price. GreenGate’s unique formula Mosquito Barrier application provides quick knock down of roosting mosquitos in, on & around your vegetation with icap technology. To protect our pollinators we use garlic based sprays on actively blooming shrubs. We then simultaneously use the In2Care pots to provide relentless auto-dissemination killing of transient mosquitos at all 4 stages of their development. The pots receive a new bioactive mixture and screen every month & are placed inconspicuously within your landscape. This has proven to be an exceptionally lethal combination. This is a once a month, year round program. The In2Care “pots” are sold separately for $29 each, and then you own them!
backyard mosquito barrier by GreenGate Turf and Pest

Do you have a pest problem?

Greengate also offers pest control services. We have licensed pest control technicians that will apply a quarterly perimeter application around your home to keep insects from entering.

We are committed to helping you fight back against these bugs.

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