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GreenGate’s guaranteed Plug Aeration includes labor and machinery for spring, summer, or fall season plug aeration. This is simply the best thing you can do for the heavy clay soils we all suffer with. Our state-of-the-art equipment gives the most cores per square foot allowing more oxygen to roots, significant increases in water movement, and provides compression relief for the soil allowing turf roots to spread and thrive. With current water restrictions, this is even more beneficial to maximize your water usage and lessen run off and evaporation. Golf courses typically perform 5 per year, we recommend 2 per year for residential lawns.

Plug Aeration hand full or plugs
Plug Aeration plugs on lawn

How Plug Aeration works

2 Passes, 14 holes per Square Foot
We typically create 14 holes per square foot approximately the diameter of a quarter, 2.5″-3″ deep.

Helps Fertilizer Work Better
The plug holes allow our fertilization application to penetrate deeper into the soil.

Loosens Soil
Now your turf roots can grow deeper and wider.

Helps irrigation to work more efficiently
By plugging the turf, the sun-baked, crusty surface gets broken up allowing water to get where it needs to go.

Roots Need to Breathe, Too!
Oxygen can now get down to the roots.

De-Thatches Your Lawn
Clean, healthy living for your grass!

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