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It is our goal to provide the best mowing for Spring, The Woodlands and Tomball with the most convenient worry and hassle free service possible. You just want it easy…….right?!?! So we put together a rockin’ great plan! We set up all our clients on either Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Once the work is done, we run it!! You have access to all your records through your secure client portal. Not into computers, we get it. Lets visit on the phone to answer your questions! Pricing is determined by the size of your lawn and how often you request service to be done.

So heres how GreenGate Turf rolls…..


Lawn Mowing

For most lawns, the largest mower we will ever use on your property is a 32” mower. That is ONLY 175 pounds per tire…….it’s like have having 4 high school kids walking around while they text!  Bigger lawns, of course, will require larger units. All of our mower blades are sharpened weekly and all of our machines have mulching kits to return the micro cut grass blades back into your lawn as nutrient rich fertilizer……BAM!

Lawn Edging

Can’t stand that big dirt gap between your concrete edge and your turf?  We can’t either…which is why we always use a metal blade edger rather than a line trimmer. Give us a couple of mows and watch that dirt gap disappear and your 90 degree angle appear! You’ll also notice greener turf along the edge. Line trimmers tear the grass (on good) and our metal blades cut the grass (very good)…..details, details, details!!

Line Trimming

All of your flower bed and tree beds will be trimmed with a line trimmer to keep them nice and tidy. We will also trim along your fences and along the house keeping your entire landscape handsomely groomed!


This is the best part. You come home and pow–your outdoor sanctuary is cut, neat, tidy, and EVERYTHING is blown clean…….including your decks and patios! Now skip on into the kitchen and get that umbrella drink, relax and enjoy your piece of planet Earth!



For a healthy green lawn, weekly mowing is the best. As a rule of thumb, you never want to cut more than a 1/3 of a grass blade at a time, ESPECIALLY our southern turf. Mowing all year is pretty typical, as its a great way to keep your lawn and landscape clean and tidy. Need to make scheduling changes….easy peasy, just drop us a quick email and we’ll make it happen!

Mowing is only part of a rockin’ good landscape, let’s keep the flower beds looking primo, too! Ask about our Flower Bed Maintenance Program. We offer weekly and bi-weekly programs.


We offer bi-weekly service throughout the summer months but we do not recommend it. Two weeks of growth helps the spread of weeds (they get big and the seeds blow around) and can cause grass clippings to clump together after mowing. Yuck. This service is $6.00 more per mow than the weekly service because it just takes our crew more. One other tidbit, we can’t 100% guarantee quality on a bi-weekly cut.


We offer package plans that include everything from shrub trimming, flower bed weeding, mulch installation, safe for your family fertilization, and, best of all, turf insect control! Contact our office for details on how packages can make your grooming your piece of planet earth heavenly affordable!!

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