Home Pest Control

We have licensed pest control technicians that apply a quarterly home pest control application around your home to keep insects from entering. You do not need to be home. Same-day service is also available if you call before 12. (We can perform interior applications for pantries, baseboards, bathrooms, etc. if you have a current infestation) .

Our Home Pest Control service covers the most prominent pests in our area, such as roaches, ants, earwigs, silverfish, etc. After the application, you may see activity for up to a week to ten days. We warranty all of our services, so please give us a call if you still see bug activity  7-10 days from the application date. We will be out within five business days to re-treat, no hassle, no charge, Guaranteed. With our  “Great Communication Guarantee,” you will receive a 24 hr notice before your scheduled service and a text ahead when the licensed technician is en route to your home.  You will also receive a post-service email with details about your service.

Best Pest COntrol

Best pest control in Houston is a simple must-have. Our area has as many different bugs as Houston has people. GreenGate Turf & Pests’ most popular program is the quarterly barrier spray program. Not only is it more economical, but the entire application takes place “outside your home.” And like all Team GG services, it’s guaranteed. Need pest control in Katy, no problem. The barrier spray works excellent there too!

Here’s how it works- When our state-licensed technician shows up at your home for your home pest control service, the first thing he’ll do is de-web around your windows and doors, front & back porches,  etc.  After de-webbing, the technician will apply our barrier spray “around” your home. Including up the side walls by approximately 3 feet and outwards from your home, about 5’-10’. The product will kill numerous bugs that traverse through it and act as a repellent to others. (Think of tear gas for bugs).

Bugs included in your service are too numerous to list here, but rest assured, we have all the heavy hitters covered; Roaches, ants, earwigs, various spiders, etc. Pest control Tomball. Next, our barrier application for home pest control includes dusting any weep holes in your brick. Our specially formulated dust is an exceptional insect eliminator! Rest assured, all our products are safe for kitties & puppies. 

Interior Application

Suppose your home has a current infestation of unwelcomed guests, no problem. Let us perform a traditional interior home pest control application and rid yourselves of the tiny terrorists. After an initial interior application, the more economical exterior pest control will work splendidly. 

Communication Guarantee

The great thing about GreenGate’s  home pest control is our “Great Communication Guarantee”! 24 hrs before we plan on coming to service your home, we’ll notify you; then, when the technician is on his way, you’ll also get a text. Finally, you’ll receive a post-service email detailing your service once the application is complete.

See a critter between visits, no problem. We’ll have a technician out within five business days for a retreat, guaranteed.

GreenGate Communication Guarantee