Lawn Insecticide

GreenGates’ budget-friendly guaranteed lawn insecticide program is not the token nod to lawn insects often found with discount companies and national franchises. GreenGates’ aggressive stand on lawn insects combines three separate applications of the industry’s very best, safe for your pets insecticide. Our program covers turf-destroying insects and blood-sucking insects, so you never have to worry about getting nickeled and dimmed for extras. Rest assured, this is the most comprehensive and thorough program available in our industry.
Don’t wait; maximize your investment into your lawn with GreenGate Turf and start experiencing the best lawn you’ve ever had.

the Program

The best lawn pest control is GreenGates’ budget-friendly insecticide program, which consists of 3 separate applications annually. Our pet-friendly lawn pest control applications include applying insecticide to your front and back yard while offering a 24-hour notice and a text ahead so you know when we’re coming. Each application is scheduled at a strategic time of the season for maximum effectiveness. GreenGate’s trained staff is knowledgeable and dependable when it comes to identifying and treating all insect issues. And just to make our program THAT much better — we also offer retreats at no additional cost or hassle. If you happen to see bugs between treatments, we’ll be out to retreat within 5 business days, guaranteed. With lawn pest control, you won’t need an additional program to cover blood-sucking insects such as red ants, ticks, or fleas. Our program has ALL critters covered.

But WHICH bugs are covered?

Greengates’ lawn pest control covers a wide range of insects, including various ant species such as fire, carpenter, red harvester, pavement, odorous, pyramid, and argentine. Our lawn insecticide also covers armyworms, billbugs, bristletails, centipedes, chiggers, chinch bugs, crickets, cutworms, earwigs, firebrats, grasshoppers, ground beetles, leafhoppers, mealybugs, millipedes, pillbugs, scorpions, spiders, springtails, wireworms, fleas, ticks, and other insects in & on your grass. Yes, you heard that right; our service even includes treatment for ticks and fleas at NO additional cost!


Our fully licensed technicians are knowledgeable about all insects and know what signs to look for when assessing a lawn for an insect issue. Each insect has a different way they can potentially damage the sod, and knowing the type of eating pattern for each bug is a sure way to be able to identify the causes of sod stress. These technicians have researched, studied, and been licensed by the state to know their bugs, so you can trust them to accurately assess and treat your lawn.