Mowing & Maintenance Services

For mowing & maintenance services, GreenGate is your go-to top-rated local lawn care company. Our lawn mowing & maintenance services have a reputation for professionalism and dependability.  Day in and day out, our customers rely on our dependable landscape maintenance and lawn mowing services throughout the year. Since starting our company, we have provided professional lawn mowing service for thousands of customers just like you.

“Lawn mowing near me” couldn’t be easier!

“As a small business looking for someone to help with a bit of landscaping can be problematic. Are they worth the money, do they work safely, etc.. In working with Greengate Turf & Pest, they were polite and helpful from the start. It is nice to speak with a person. Oh, and their computer messaging is brilliant… But back to the work. The crew was on time and got right to work. They all wore their proper PPE, which is very important for us as a business. The workers were also very cordial and polite. I was highly impressed not only with how they worked (safely), but how they worked (diligently) until the work was finished. I will say I would and will likely hire them again in the future. What a pleasure to find a company with great employees, that do what they say, when they say, how they say. My sincere compliments and thanks. Y’all made me look good.”  -Steven O.

Lawn Mowing

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Lawn edging
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Weekly/Bi-Weekly Mowing Service (Includes mow, edge, & blow): Our professional lawn mowing service provides weekly and bi-weekly visits for year-round service. We HIGHLY recommend a weekly lawn mowing service during the growing season (Depending on the unpredictable seasonal changes here in Houston, the growing season is typically between March – December). 

Reliable Schedule and Communication: You can count on Greengate to be there the same day every week, or every two weeks depending on your preferred schedule. Weather events, of course, are the exception. You can count on efficient communication letting you know if a delay due to weather occurs. 

GreenGate Employees: Many landscape and lawn maintenance companies are little more than internet websites that will use locally hired contract crews with a truck and a mower to provide lawn mowing and maintenance services, but this can sometimes end with disastrous results. Our professional lawn maintenance crews are courteous, hand-picked GreenGate employees and will arrive in a company truck wearing a GreenGate uniform, so you always know who exactly is on your property.

Insured For Your Protection: Our professional lawn mowing is performed by trained professionals using the best equipment available but in the rare event of an accident, GreenGate maintains robust insurance to protect you and your most valuable asset, your home.

Sharpened Blades/Optimal Mow Height: To provide the best mowing service possible, we sharpen our blades weekly and twice a week during the heavy growing season. So rather than tearing your turf, the grass is “cut.” We set our mowers at an optimal height for the season.

Metal Blade Edgers: Along concrete edges such as the curbs, driveway, etc., our lawn maintenance crews use a metal blade edger rather than a line trimmer to prevent tears to the grass and to create even edges. Our metal blade edgers will give you that nice, professional-looking 90-degree edge between the concrete and your turf.

Line Trimming: Along the house, flower beds, tree beds, and the fence, we use a line trimmer to maintain overgrowth along the beds and proper height. With thick healthy grass, you can count on your turf acting as an edge to keep in mulch and stone. For crazy healthy, thick turf, check out GreenGates’ award-winning fertilization program

Professional Grade Equipment: Quality landscape companies will use professional-grade lawn mowing machines that mulch the clipped grass rather than bag it. It is important to note that grass clippings do NOT cause thatch. Did you know that St Augustine grass  clippings have 10% nitrogen in them?!!!

With our state-of-the-art mowers, we are able to finely mulch the grass clippings and put them back into your yard to be used as fertile compost. As these micro grass blades decompose, the organic matter in your soil also grows, giving you year-over-year improvements in your turf’s soil health and thickness. 

For lawns with a lot size under 9,000 sq. ft., we use a 32″ hydrostatic walk-behind mower with a mulching kit and sulky .

Blow Off All Surfaces: Once your lawn mowing service has been completed, we then blow off all surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Few things feel as nice as walking out onto your freshly mowed and manicured lawn…….especially if you didn’t have to do it in the hot Texas summer!!

Flower Bed Maintenance

GreenGates’ lawn care services near you are much more than just mowing. Flower beds need constant attention because we have year-round weed pressure, and Greengate has you covered. Our weed-free flower bed program includes professional pre-emergents, spraying as needed, and handpicking weeds. 

Most customers choose the bi-weekly option (This means we service your weeds every 2 weeks). A 2-week schedule will not deliver “perfect” flower beds but will keep your beds nice and tidy and provides beds you can be proud of. 

*Please note that we only offer this service to current mow customers, and pricing assumes you have an adequate amount of ground cover such as mulch.

Shrub Trimming

The best lawn mowing service and landscape company would not be complete without top-notch shrub trimming. GreenGate crews that do the shrub trimming are different from the techs that do your mowing. Our landscapers and trimmers are generally more seasoned and trained to know exactly what needs to be trimmed, how to trim it, and the time of year it needs to be done.

For most flower beds, we recommend monthly trimming (at minimum) during the growing season and bi-monthly trimming during the winter months. It is worth noting that the longer you wait between shrub trimmings, the less full your shrubs will appear after trimming as too much greenery is cut off. Our trimming services include all shrubs/plants/ flowers and ornamental trees up to 12 feet (about 1 story tall).

Landscape job

Lawn & Landscape Grooming - HOURLY SERVICE

landscape grooming service

Sometimes customers’ landscapes need a little more attention than just some weeding and trimming, and that’s where our Lawn & Landscape Grooming comes in! This unique service is charged by the hour, so you only pay for what you need! You’ll find this to be a budget-friendly option as seasonal needs change. Our Lawn and Landscape Grooming covers EVERYTHING! 

Our professionally trained landscape crews can work through your beds, weeding, pulling dead plants, pruning shrubs, and ornamental trees, turning over your mulch, and anything else you may need. 

Want to move a pot from the back to the front porch? No problem, happy to do it! Have some plants that you purchased and would like planted while we’re there?? Of course we can! 

This program is an absolute must for large mature landscapes. Our Lawn and Landscape Grooming is a client favorite. We recommend keeping your lawn and landscape looking fabulous and your shrubs and plants happy and healthy once a month!

Our hourly grooming service is priced per man, per hour. Request your free estimate today.

“After the freeze last year, GreenGate helped to clean up the dead plants and bring my lawn back to life. They have been maintaining my yard ever since. The staff is very friendly and prompt. I know my yard is in good hands with GreenGate Turf and Pest.”  – Kelly G.

Mulch Services

Beds a little bare? We got you covered! We take great pride in offering the best mulch available on the market. Here at GreenGate, we understand the importance of using high-quality mulch to promote the growth and health of your plants, as well as protect your soil from the heat and help it retain moisture. That’s why we source our mulch from trusted suppliers and offer various options to suit your lawn’s specific needs and preferences.

Mowing & Maintenance Services are currently available in Conroe, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Tomball, Spring, Katy, Cypress, Hedwig Village, Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, and Bellaire areas.

Need help with your holiday lighting needs? Our crews are trained to string and store your lights year after year properly! Learn more about our Christmas and Holiday Light Services.

Landscaping job completed by Greengate Turf & Pest
Tree and shrub maintainer

Lawn Mowing Service FAQ

What is included in GreenGates lawn mowing service?

Our lawn mowing service includes mowing the front, back, and sides of your yard on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Our mow crews will also edge along concrete surfaces such as driveways and bed outlines. We edge to be flush with the concrete – if you prefer a gap, just let us know! We finish up with a quick blow of the driveway and beds. 

What is the price of your lawn mowing service?

Mow pricing depends upon the size of your property and the condition it is in when you hire us. Lots below 1500 sq ft can be as low as $32.95 + tax if you are on a weekly schedule. Should your lawn be overgrown or out of control, your first mow may require a one-time upcharge. In this instance, we will always contact you for approval before giving our crews the green light to start your mow.

What size lots do you mow?

Our crews can mow up to an acre. Larger lots can be accommodated in some instances. Call for more information.

Do you use ride-on or push mowers?

Our mow crews are equipped with a 32” walk-behind mower with a ride-on dolly attached for standard mow services. We do not use any ride-on mowers. If you prefer the use of a push mower without the dolly, an up-charge may occur depending on the lot size. Call for more information

Do you bag all the clippings from my lawn?

Our mowers are equipped with mulching kits, so we will mulch up all the grass into fine clippings and return them to the yard to not remove valuable nutrients contained in the clippings. If you prefer your clippings to be bagged, it would require the use of a basic push mower, and an up-charge may occur in this instance.

How short do you cut the grass?

We typically have our mowers set between 3-4” to protect grass roots from the sun, and cutting grass too short can cause a myriad of issues to your lawn. Grass blades (leaves) provide food and energy storage gained from water, proteins, and carbohydrates. Like any other plant, it uses these backup nutrient reserves in times of stress, so it is important not to scalp your lawn.

Can the mower deck be lowered or raised?

Unfortunately, the decks on our mowers are not easily adjusted on-site. If you would prefer a shorter or longer cut, a smaller push mower is required and will typically require an up-charge, depending on the lot size.

Is flower bed maintenance included with your mow service?

Flower bed maintenance is not included with our basic mow service but is an excellent add-on! Our weed-free flower bed program includes professional pre-emergents, spraying as needed, and handpicking weeds.
Most customers choose the bi-weekly option (we’ll service your weeds every two weeks). A 2-week schedule will not deliver “perfect” flower beds but will keep them nice and tidy.

Is shrub/tree trimming included with the mow service?

Shrub and/or tree trimming is NOT included with our mow service at this time. Trimming is available as an hourly service, or give us a call to schedule and appointment for a firm quote.

Does the lawn mowing service include fertilization and weed control?

We offer fertilization and weed control as a separate 8-step program throughout the year. To learn more about this program and to request your free estimate, click here.

Do you offer one time mows?

We do not offer set-rate one-time mows at this time. We recommend that all of our clients be set up on a weekly or biweekly basis, depending on the season. However, our hourly grooming service is an excellent option for an all-inclusive mow, bed clean up, trim, and any other service you may want or need to clean up your property!

Is my mow schedule changed automatically in the winter time?

Because everyone’s preferences differ, we ask clients to notify us directly of their preferred schedule changes, if any. Many of our clients request their mow schedule be reduced to once per month during the winter season (December-February); this is the only time of year monthly mowing is available. If you prefer not to have your lawn mowed during this time, that’s ok too! Your regularly scheduled weekly or bi-weekly service will automatically resume in the springtime (Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when it’s time).