Yard Pigmentation

Yard pigmentation is the exact same process used by golf courses all over the country to keep their links nice and green in winter.

  • Our yard pigmentation is a professional grade, translucent product that is sprayed on your turf. Because it is not a “paint”, the end product looks very natural allowing your turf’s imperfections to show through.
  • Yard pigment is applied in late November, early December and will look great all the way to spring. – Unlike rye seed, you can continue with your normal fertilization program which means you can continue with pre emergents to prevent those spring time weeds. 
  • Best of all, you won’t see the spring time brown up as the rye seed grass slowly dies out and rots away.

How the product is applied

  1. We mow your property capturing any loose debris.
  2. Our pigment is mixed with water and sprayed on.
  3. Concrete surfaces etc. are protected while spraying.

That’s it! Pretty simple stuff.

All other services can continue as normal:

  • Your preferred mowing schedule can continue to keep your yard looking nice and tidy.
  • Lawn fertilization continues as scheduled.
  • Normal watering continues
  • Pets keep on doing their business