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Fertilization & Weed Control

“We have been a customer of Greengate Turf & Pest for many years.  We utilize the fertilization, fungus management, and sod web worm prevention services.  Omar, David, and many other employees keep our yard looking healthy and green.  We have found Greengate to be very responsive to our questions and freely offer suggestions on how to make our grass look even better.  We highly recommend their services!”

– Susan D. 

Our 8-step hybrid lawn fertilization & weed control program is designed specifically for our bayou city’s challenging & unique soils, which is exactly why we perform a free soil test & analysis for all new customers.

We have performed thousands of soil tests over the years, which is why we are Houstons’ soil experts. We start with the lawn fertilization industry’s most advanced carbon-based fertilizers. Ours is the very same bio-nutritional program found in the professional turf programs of your favorite top golf courses. Next, we blend in multiple forms of quality nitrogen for maximum dark green color, efficiency & duration. 

Immediately, our complex formulas will start working to neutralize the problematic imbalance of carbon to nitrogen ratio that may have been caused by national franchise applications performed on your yard in the past. Simultaneously, your property will be placed into our biological soils management program, which is a cornerstone of any professional lawn care service. 

Our soils program is part of our lawn fertilization service program and puts a laser focus on breaking down salts & bicarbonate accumulations. This increases microbial activity, lowers ph levels, and enriches your turf’s ecosystem to support the greenest, healthiest turf imaginable.

Each of our applications builds on the last. This is called “Stacking” and is the secret to professional lawn care programs like ours. Utilizing the industry’s very best pre-emergents, we start working on weed control before weeds ever happen. Here in SE Texas, we have year-round weed pressure (unlike northern climates), so we spot-spray a professional blend of post-emergents for the few weeds that do wiggle through (Weed Killer).

Don’t wait; maximize the investment you’re making into your lawn care services with GreenGate Turf and start experiencing the very BEST lawn you’ve ever had.

GreenGate Turf and Pest became Houston’s best lawn fertilization service company the old school way; we worked hard at it. We built each part of our program from the ground up for Houstonians and by Houstonians. Below is what we believe makes us extra special. Best lawn care service company Conroe.

Free Soil Test & Analysis with our Lawn Fertilization program!

It’s no secret that all of us in the greater Houston area have awful soils. Have you had lawn care services in the past but never got the results you paid for and couldn’t understand why? Chances are, your provider never performed a soil test and analysis to identify problematic issues unique to your property. 

National chains and discount lawn fertilization & weed control companies don’t offer them because they are complicated to coordinate and require a particular expertise. But the information they reveal is priceless to the success of your lawn care services program. 

Did you know that on average, Houston area soils have an average pH level of 7.93?!! That’s really high! Ideally, that number should be around 6 for southern grasses like ours. Check out our Bundles for additional savings on the best lawn care services you’ve ever had.

Lawn Fertilization Service

Our 8-step Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Program considers our unique soils and St Augustine, Bermuda & Zoysia grasses. Utilizing the industry’s very best pre-emergents, we work to control weeds before they ever happen. Unlike northern climates, we have year-round weed pressure. We use professional-grade post emergents for the few weeds that do wiggle through. 

Quality nitrogen and iron have always worked for a quick green-up but are typically just a flash in the pan. The thick, season-long, lush, green grass only happens when the soils and the turf are healthy and thriving, so our Hybrid Program includes bio-nutrition and carbon-based fertilizers, which are the cornerstone of our program. Think of your lawn as its very own ecosystem. Healthy turf means less watering, disease, and insects. 


All the science in the world won’t matter if we don’t have the very best lawn fertilization technicians. Each GreenGate technician goes through our rigorous apprenticeship program, no matter how much experience they have had with another company. Additionally, each one of our technicians and estimators is licensed by the state of Texas and has undergone a thorough background check. If you are unsure about the license status of your technician, ask for their pocket card. 


It may not seem like much, but as much thought went into our equipment as our lawn fertilization service. Our fertilizer trucks and vans are custom designed and built for maximum efficiency, possibly the most advanced in our industry. Each van contains four pumps and reels and every product your piece of planet earth may require.  We want our techs focusing on your yard, not equipment problems and hassles. 

Free soil test

Office Staff

We saved the best for last! Our office staff has won numerous service awards and takes 2nd to no one! When we say happy voices are standing by, we mean it. From your first phone visit with one of our estimators, each phone interaction is professional and fruitful.

With every visit, your lawn will receive a combination of the following applications below. (All weeds are included in our program, you will never be charged extra for any weed). If you see weeds in between visits, we will be out within 5 business days to zap them, no hassle, no charge….guaranteed.

Premium Lawn Fertilization for a deep green, healthy turf.
The industry's very best weed treatment products & application processes
Season Specific Advanced Pre-Emergents to prevent weeds from germinating
Nutrient & Microbe Biological Drench
Turf Root Stimulator & Soil Detoxifier