Yard fungus

National franchise and discount companies may give the nod and a wink to turf fungus outbreaks, but GreenGate Turf has labeled yard fungus public enemy number one. Fungus spores lay in wait within the thatch layer between your soil and the grass, ready for perfect growing conditions. (Typically over watering with cool evenings in spring & fall) So we take the fight directly to the fungus spores. Our 3 step program aggressively keeps thatch in check while simultaneously showering spores with Rhizobacteria and our Biological Inoculants that eat and destroy fungus-causing pathogens. Lastly, our three applications encourage and support the lawn’s healthy ecosystem, helping the grass defend itself against pathogen outbreaks. Don’t wait; maximize the investment you’re making into your lawn with GreenGate Turf and start experiencing the very BEST lawn you’ve ever had.

GreenGate’s guaranteed 3 Step Fungus prevention & maintenance program is a cost-effective way to prevent expensive fungus damage to your turf. Our program includes Gray Spot, Brown Patch, and Take All Patch along with other common fungi found in our region.

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GreenGate also provides the “Great Communication Guarantee” which includes 24 hr notification before we come to service your property, a text ahead when the licensed technician is en route to your home and post service email explaining exactly what was done with our visit.