Christmas & Holiday Lights

GreenGate offers an outstanding Holiday Light program. Of course we offer Christmas Lights, but we also offer lights for Thanksgiving, Fall Lights, and Halloween lights! Let your imagination go wild!

Our plan includes the following:

  1. We will measure and lay out a design for you, or work with you for a more custom look.
  2. Once we have a plan, we sell the custom lights to you specifically for your home. Our lights are all low energy LED and require very little power to operate and produce virtually no heat. Yes, they are bright and colorful!
  3. We install in late fall.
  4. Take down in January
  5. GreenGate stores your lights for you in our warehouse. 
  6. We never charge for take down until the work has been completed.

Pretty Easy!

If you have a light go out, we will replace within 5 business days, and we guarantee your lights forever! (As long as we are servicing them)

**CAUTION**. Many un-reputable companies have been collecting money up front and not returning to do the install or the take down.