Mosquito Barrier & In2Care Pots

GreenGate uses a monthly Mosquito Barrier with In2Care Pots for exceptional home mosquito control. GreenGate’s unique formula Mosquito Barrier application provides quick knock down of roosting mosquitos in, on & around your vegetation with icap technology. To protect our pollinators we use garlic based sprays on actively blooming shrubs. We then simultaneously use the In2Care pots to provide relentless auto-dissemination killing of transient mosquitos at all 4 stages of their development. The pots receive a new bioactive mixture and screen every month & are placed inconspicuously within your landscape. A typical home requires 2 pots. This has proven to be an exceptionally lethal combination. GreenGate is the ONLY company to offer a 2 for 1 mosquito program. This is a once a month, year round program. (The In2Care “pots” are sold separately for $29 each, and then you own them).

GreenGate also provides the “Great Communication Guarantee” which includes 24 hr notification before we come to service your property, a text ahead when the licensed technician is en route to your home and post service email explaining exactly what was done with our visit.

Houston, we have a mosquito problem. It’s amazing to think that something so small could have such a monstrous impact on our lives. When thinking about the best mosquito control service company in Houston, you might think of companies that offer some variation or another of home mosquito control applications or about techniques that may or may not have worked for you in the past… and you’ll probably think about bug spray, lots of bug spray. Best mosquito control Fulshear.

Mosquitoes spread a number of nasty, dangerous diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria, and the Zika virus. Here in the The Woodlands, Katy, Spring, Cypress, Sugar Land, Fulshear areas, we most commonly deal with the Aedes Aegypti mosquito species that are known to carry the yellow fever virus. Houston is hot and wet and provides the perfect breeding ground for these annoying, disease-spreading tiny terrorist.

Finding the best mosquito control service company Katy doesn’t have to be difficult. GreenGate Turf & Pest has the solution to your home mosquito control search. We are the only company with a two-step mosquito control approach for the price of one and it doesn’t involve the use of harsh chemicals. So, rest assured knowing it’s completely safe for your family and furry friends.

Mosquitoes are weak flyers, landing a few times on their journey to their next meal. This flight pattern creates an effective opportunity for control. First, we spray a unique barrier formula on and around your home’s vegetation utilizing Icap technology. As they land and suck the sap from your vegetation, they expose themselves to our treatment. Our 2nd step places In2Care Mosquito Trap pots (most homes just require 2) to provide that double punch best mosquito control The Woodlands. Our monthly Mosquito Barrier and In2Care Pot service offers the best mosquito control service Sugarland.

Once the In2Care pots have been installed, we then provide monthly maintenance for the pots which is a green, but ridiculously effective approach. These pots work by attracting egg-laying female mosquitos with a natural fungus that is placed inside the pot. The mosquito will land inside, lay eggs that will be unable to pupate and her body will be contaminated with the active ingredients. She will spread those ingredients to the various breeding sites around your home and community such as trash cans, gutters w/standing water etc. When doing this, those same ingredients are spread to other mosquitos and the cycles continues. The pots receive a new bioactive mixture and screen every month & are placed inconspicuously within your landscape and of course our program is guaranteed! Best mosquito control Cypress.

The simultaneous use of our unique barrier spray and In2Care pots will kill mosquitos at all 4 stages of development and provide your family with the best home mosquito control you’ve been looking for. This combination has proven to be exceptionally lethal against mosquitos and provides the best home mosquito control in the Houston area.

Have an event coming up and need mosquito control? No problem, we’d love to help and we also provide fly control!

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