Fly Reduction & Control

Greengate’s Fly Reduction and Control Service is a wonderful program to minimize overwhelming fly populations around your home.  Team GG uses 2 safe and effective products around the exterior of your house.  First, we apply an odorless product with our backpack sprayers around those areas where flies roost, congregate and lay their eggs.  This would include but are not limited to exterior areas around doors, windows, soffits, facias, trash bins and dog feces found in the yard.  By design, this product will kill those flies coming into contact with our product. Second, we apply and safe and odorless aerosol fly BAIT.  We apply our bait in areas AWAY from your outdoor living areas. This new and unique formula ushers in death within 15 seconds of contact with the fly. (The bait will NOT lure flies from your neighbor’s home to yours) You will see a noticeable difference immediately, not days or weeks.  We perform this service once a month, year-round.  Because of the flying nature of flies and reproduction rates we cannot provide a free re-treatment in between visits.