Lawn Aeration

Lawn or plug aeration Houston is simply the best thing you can do for the heavy clay soils we all suffer with.  The best lawn aeration in The Woodlands allows more oxygen to the roots, significantly increases water movement in the soils and provides compression relief for the soil colloids allowing turf roots to spread and thrive.  With current water restrictions, this is even more beneficial to maximize your water usage and lessen run off and evaporation.  Golf courses typically perform 5 per year, we recommend a spring and a fall for residential lawns. 

Plug Aeration

However, there are draw backs to the best lawn aeration in Katy when using a machine to “pull plugs”.  As wonderful as this can be for the soil, it is only effective to about 2.5 inches deep and leaves the “plugs” on top of the turf.  Mechanical aeration only covers about 20% of the lawn and leaves a mess. Additionally, sprinkler heads, phone lines, high speed internet lines, outdoor lighting etc. are all at the mercy of the machine and operator.  

Liquid Aeration

The best lawn aeration in Sugarland is a liquid aeration by GreenGate Turf. Liquid Lawn Aeration Cypress is a state-of-the-art application that creates tiny, deep pathways deep into the soil with bio-stimulants and oxidizing materials at key growth stages to deliver oxygen, moisture and nutrients to the roots. Without these “tunnels”,  the root system has no way of accessing what it needs most to thrive. With the best lawn aeration in Memorial City we are able to cover every square inch of your turf. Our liquid aeration will also help to break up soil compression caused by restrictive chemical bonds at the soil colloid level that stunts valuable nutrient uptake into the plant.

Unique to our liquid aeration is that each application builds on top of each other and picks up where the last application left off. Liquid lawn aeration Tomball helps amplify our quality fertilizers and is wonderful insurance for the turf during late season heat stress which is why we have the best lawn aeration Missouri City.

Legacy Machine Lawn Aeration Liquid Lawn Aeration
2.5” Deep Cores
Micro Tunnels to 6”
20% lawn coverage
100% lawn coverage
Compression relief for approx. 20% of lawn
Compression relief for 100% of lawn
Increased root oxygen for approx. 20% of lawn
Increased root oxygen for 100% of lawn
Better water penetration for approx. 20% of the lawn
Better water penetration for 100% of the lawn
Less Watering Needed
Less Watering Needed
Helps to reduce some thatch in approx. 20% of lawn
Helps reduce some thatch for 100% of yard.
Broken irrigation heads and high speed internet lines
NO risks to irrigation or shallow buried lines
Messy/Muddy plugs deposited on top of turf
No Mess
Stressful to the turf
No stress
Can cause a break in the weed pre-emergent barrier
No break in the pre-emergent barrier
- Compaction from high sodium is reduced
- 45% more root mass in 5 months
- More water retention at the roots
- Organic bio stimulants sent to the root zone
- MUCH deeper root depth & breadth
- Works in conjunction w/fertilizers to enhance their performance.
- Each liquid application builds on the last application
- Helps to lower soil pH levels

3 Aerations to Choose From:

Liquid Lawn Aeration

GreenGate’s guaranteed Liquid Lawn Aeration is a state of the art aerating process that covers 100% of the lawn rather than just 20% found with legacy mechanical aeration. With current water restrictions, this is even more beneficial to maximize your water usage and lessen run off and evaporation. Golf courses typically perform 5 per year, we recommend 2 per year for residential lawns. Our liquid aeration process will give you the break through with your lawn you’ve been looking for. See above all the great benefits of GreenGates Liquid Lawn Aeration

Super Aeration

GreenGate’s Super Aeration is our state of the art liquid aerating process plus a POWERFUL de-thatcher added to the mix. Our de-thatcher works to not only break down and thin out thatch, but to turn it into a readily available food source for your turf. Often, you will see a noticeable greening of your turf a few days after our application. (Summer Months) Our advanced product focuses on composting thatch faster by encouraging microbial activity at the soil surface & increasing heat. This exothermic release by increased soil activity will breakdown thatch from the soil level up. Thatch is quickly reduced & the organic matter is recycled as a food source and helps to remove spawning locations for lawn damaging insects and fungus.

Super Duper Aeration

GreenGate’s Super Duper Liquid Aeration is a scientifically advanced process to supercharge your turf and turf roots. Our Liquid Aeration will open up your soils and greatly expand root volume while our De-thatcher will compost the thatch between your soil and grass, and lastly, our heavily applied biological granular product will be the compost that energizes and rejuvenates your soils micro organisms. This process easily replaces legacy mechanical aeration w/a traditional compost but applied at a far more budget friendly price. This is an EXCELLENT spring time jump start & works really well to bring back struggling lawns. Our Super Duper includes all 3 below-

  1. Our State Of The Art Liquid Aeration
  2. Our Powerful Composting De-Thatcher
  3. Granular Organic Biological Soil Amendment

Best Lawn Aeration

With the best lawn aeration Fulshear, your turf will see an increase of root mass by 45% in about 5 months, reduced surface tension, a lowering of PH levels and a substantial increase in water holding capacity. In the late summer/early fall your turfs roots will “slough off” meaning 60% of the outer roots will die off and become spongy organic material. This spongy organic material is then used as nutrition for future root growth & water storage, all of which adds to your turf’s health and luscious green appearance.

We are very excited to now be offering the best lawn aeration Spring, call today for more information and pricing.