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GreenGates’ Memorial City lawn care services include our 8-step lawn care & fertilization program which is designed specifically for Memorial City’ challenging & unique soils, which is precisely why we perform a Free Soil Test & Analysis for all new customers. With soil results in hand, we create the best lawn care program for your unique lawn and landscape, no matter how awful your soils may be. We have performed thousands of soil tests over the years, which is why we are Memorial City’ soil experts and the ONLY company in Memorial City offering a truly customized lawn care fertilization program.

Custom Memorial City, TX Lawn Care

We start with the lawn fertilization industry’s most advanced carbon-based fertilizers. Ours is the same bio-nutritional program found in the professional turf programs of your favorite top golf courses in Memorial City, like Memorial Park Golf Course and Hermann Park Golf Course. Next, we blend in multiple forms of reduced volatility and quality nitrogen for maximum dark green color, efficiency & duration.  Immediately, our complex formulas will start working to neutralize the problematic imbalance of carbon to nitrogen ratio that may have been caused by national franchise applications performed on your yard in the past. Simultaneously, your property will be placed into GreenGates’ biological soils management program, which is a cornerstone of any professional lawn care service. 

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the best Memorial City lawn care begins at the root

GreenGates’ soils program is part of our lawn fertilization & weed control program. It puts a laser focus on breaking down salts & bicarbonate accumulations that are common for lawns in Memorial City; this increases microbial activity, lowers binding ph levels, and enriches your turf’s ecosystem to support the greenest, healthiest turf imaginable. Each of our applications builds on the last, called “Stacking,” and is the secret to an award-winning professional lawn care company program like ours. 

Utilizing the industry’s best pre-emergents, we start working on weed control before weeds ever happen. Here in Memorial City, we have year-round weed pressure (unlike northern climates), so we spot-spray a professional blend of post-emergents for the few weeds that manage to wiggle through (Weed Killer). 

Don’t wait; maximize the investment you’re making into your lawn care services with GreenGate Turf and start experiencing the very BEST lawn care you’ve ever had. 

Memorial City Lawn Care & soil

It’s no secret Memorial City and our surrounding neighborhoods have awful soils. Have you had lawn care services in the past but never got the results you paid for and couldn’t understand why? Chances are, your lawn care provider never performed a soil test and analysis to identify problematic issues unique to your property. National chains and discount lawn fertilization & weed control companies don’t offer them because they are complicated to coordinate and require particular expertise. But the information they yield is priceless to the success of your lawn care services program. 

Did you know that soils in Memorial City, Tx have an average Ph level of 7.53?!!

That’s really high! Ideally, that number should be around 6 for southern grasses like ours. High Ph levels lock up nutrients, making them unavailable to the roots of your turf. This typically reveals itself as a “yellowing of the grass blades,” overall poor health, and thin areas. We often see new Memorial City homes using Bermuda grass (Bermuda requires less water), while established Memorial City homes utilize  St Augustine grass. Regardless of your grass type, our 8-step lawn care program can help get your soil and lawn looking and feeling their best. GreenGate performs a free soil test on the very first visit for all of our first-time customers, which gives us actionable data points for your custom lawn care program.  

Click here to learn more about soil tests.

Memorial City, TX Soil Sample Averages

Soil Averages

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Why choose Greengate for Memorial City lawn care service?

  • Locally born, owned, and operated. You will always get a local friendly Texan on the phone when you call.
  • We guarantee our service. See weed activity between treatments? No problem! Give us a shout and we’ll be out within 5 business days. 
  • All of our technicians are licensed applicators with the state of Texas and have yearly continuing education requirements.
  • No contracts!
  • Great communication guarantee! 
  • We’ll send you an email the day before your scheduled service and a text when your technician is en route to your property.
  • Free soil test and analysis for new fertilization customers!
  • Easy auto-pay and online account access. 

Lawn Care Service & lawn fertilization faq

What specific treatments are included in the 8-step fertilization program?

Each of our 8 visits includes season-specific treatments for your lawn. This includes pre and post-emergents, natural carbon-based fertilizers, and turf root stimulators.

What kind of fertilizers do you use?

We use a hybrid combination of Bio-nutritional, synthetic, and carbon-based products. This combination contains all the essential nutrients required to feed your turf.

 Is weed control included in my fertilization treatments?

Yes! We apply pre-emergents in the months leading up to the prime growing season to keep weeds from germinating. Post-emergents (weed killer) is spot sprayed to kill-off any existing weeds or weeds that manage to wiggle through. 

How many treatments will I receive each year?

Bundle and Fertilization customers will receive at least 8 treatments throughout the year. 

How do you address weeds that are harder to control?

Grassy weeds such as Crabgrass are resilient to herbicide and are best controlled through pre-emergents. We do our best to get ahead of them with professional-grade pre-emergents in the months prior to germination, but we cannot guarantee their complete departure in most cases.

Do you charge to re-service my property if I still see weeds?

Not at all! We ask that you allow your weeds time to die and rot away. The weed itself will take a few days to wilt and die, and you should see it start to rot away within 10-14 days. If you are still seeing weeds after that, we will be happy to send someone out to re-service your property. 

How do I get my free soil sample?

All new customers signing up for our lawn fertilization program will receive a free soil test & analysis.

When will I receive the results of my free soil sample?

On your first fertilization or bundle treatment we will pull a plug of soil from your property and have it sent off to two separate labs. This process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. 

Local info

  • Memorial City is a commercial district in the Memorial area of Houston, Texas, United States. 
  •  The district is anchored by Memorial City Mall, the nation’s 38th-largest shopping mall.
  • The Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center is a hospital in Memorial City, Houston, Texas. It is a part of the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System and houses the system’s headquarters.
  • Memorial City Mall attracts approximately 20 million visitors per year. The district’s growing residential population houses over 4,400 people, largely concentrated in a series of high-density apartment complexes.
  • A portion of Memorial City is serviced by the Memorial City Management District, a special governmental district that provides branding and infrastructure funding. The Texas Legislature created the management district in 1999.

Local Deep Dive

  • Houston Arboretum & Nature Center– This is a favorite spot for many Houstonians. Check out over five miles of nature trails, with forest, pond, wetland, and meadow habitats. There are also specialty gardens that include a Hummingbird & Butterfly Island, Sensory Garden, and Wildlife Garden. They host many events monthly.
  • Monkey Joes– indoor inflatables. Great for birthday parties!
  • Memorial City Mall– Enjoy the toddler indoor play area, Build-A-Bear, the indoor skating rink {open year round!}, and 145 other stores and services. They have an awesome Santa Claus around Christmas time!
  • Hedwig Park is right by Spring Branch Public Library and is a great park nestled in the heart of the Spring Branch area. With plenty of shaded trees, it’s a comfortable place, even in the heat of summer. There’s a fenced-in area for toddlers and great options for older siblings too! This park has made our list of the BEST Parks in Houston!
  • Terry Hershey Park– 500 acres of walking/running and bike trails. This park consistently makes our list of Bluebonnet sightings in March/April.
  • iFly Houston- Indoor skydiving is a great date night idea!
  • The Little Gym Memorial– Indoor gymnastics place for toddler ages.

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Customer Reviews

I have the greenest lawn on the block! Very happy with Green Gate so far. The office staff is very pleasant and professional. They give me a text before arriving. They close gates upon entry (as requested) to keep our little dog from escaping. Important to us. We had True Green at one time and the service was horrible. We started to handle everything ourselves but with busy working schedules had to give it up. So glad we found this company and love the veteran owned story behind it.

Michael L.

We have had some issues in the past with finding talent in the area that does the job right, always shows up, and keeps us informed. Greengate does all of that. They always respond to you whether it's email or phone call and will get you quotes with a sense of urgency. They understand that my time is valuable. With Greengate we literally never have to worry about our lawn care and maintenance. If you want a peace of mind and a great looking yard year round, Greengate is perfect! They have been doing our lawn consistently for almost two years now and I have never had one complaint!

Amanda S.

Greengate is the best lawn service company I've ever used (and I feel like I've been rotating through them forever). Not only is the service reasonably priced, my lawn looks the best it ever has. They cover all of the basics, but also have key additions (like humic acid) and services (like sod webworm and antifungal treatments) included.

On top of that - they are extremely (I wish I could bold that) responsive. I get email responses within the hour, and when I had an issue with some fungus they were out within two days, no questions asked. I would recommend them without reservation.

Matthew D.

Our yard needed a complete maintenance overhaul. The crew today made up of Wilmer, Javier and Osman exceeded all my expectations. They were detailed and complete in getting the job done. Thank you!!! So happy to have switched to Greengate for all my landscaping needs. Not looking back!!!

Mark B.

The office staff is WONDERFUL! Every time I call I get a quick answer, my account is already pulled up, and they are happy to answer the silliest of questions with a smile I their voices. The crew is always on time, in and out quickly. And leaves the gate shut, which is important because of our pets. The company stays in communication about delays and gives you an expected date of service if for whatever reason they are unable to complete the requested services on the scheduled date. I moved to this company on a whim from a local competitor after I spent MONTHS trying to get on a consistent bi-weekly schedule with them. (Something Greengate has managed to execute without an issue) Over all, A+++ for Greengate!!!

Katherine F.

We highly recommend GreenGate for their lawn and landscaping fertilization, weed and pest control. We tried TruGreen and GreenBee with disappointing results before turning to GreenGate. Our lawn has never been healthier, and we constantly get compliments on it from friends and neighbors. Their organic approach has made it healthier for our pets as well. Jovan and the rest of the GreenGate team are so professional and courteous and take the time to listen to any needs or concerns while they’re on site to provide scheduled services.

Whitney S.

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Our committed, highly-qualified team of licensed technicians provides the best lawn fertilization, lawn aeration, home pest control, and mosquito barrier services. Holiday & Christmas light installation services are also available! We have a history of satisfied customers across Katy, Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands, Houston, Memorial City, Spring, Missouri City, Richmond, Tomball, and Conroe. Our quality speaks for itself through the yards and voices of our customers and our abundance of five-star reviews.

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