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When you are looking for someone to come take care of your lawn, there are a number of things to consider. For example, you want to know price, perhaps have a good referral, and make sure they do good work. But one thing you might want to consider when looking for lawn fertilization in Tomball, TX is their approach to the use of chemicals.

If you have children or pets, you can’t just have any old lawn care company come and spray harmful pesticides and chemicals all over your yard. When you do that, it can be days before it is safe for your kids and pets to go on the lawn again. And let’s just face it— that is not realistic! You can’t refuse to let your kids go play outside in the middle of summer and you can’t find another place for you dog to do its business while you are waiting for your lawn to become less toxic!

We understand all of these concerns and that is why at GreenGate Turf Management we use only bio/organic formulas on your lawn to make it look its best. We figure nature has some pretty good formulas of its own that can do the same things all those chemicals can do. To get an idea of the kinds of ingredients in our fertilizers check out some components: fish, kelp, molasses, bat guano, corn meal, amino acids, and more. Sounds almost good enough to eat right?

When you use GreenGate Turf Management for you lawn care, your children and pets can go outside and play on the same day as a treatment. So contact us today for more information!