aeration explanation

GreenGate’s Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is simply the absolute best thing you can do for your lawn, especially here in Houston, where we have an abundance of heavy clay soils in the North and gumbo soils in the South-West parts of town. Aeration benefits our turfs; golf courses will aerate their greens up to 5x a year! We recommend a Spring and Fall aeration for residential properties to keep your lawn and soil open to receiving the things it needs to thrive. 

Aerating is beneficial for many reasons. It will help to de-thatch your lawn and allow better oxygen flow to the turf roots by significantly increasing water movement and providing compression relief for the soil colloids. This process will help the turf roots spread and better utilize any fertilizers, nutrients, and water put out onto your turf. It can drastically reduce the amount of water needed overall, up to 20% in some cases! Creating this extra wiggle room in the soil will allow moisture to penetrate and go deep into the roots rather than sit on top, run off or evaporate.

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There are options when it comes to aerating. Mechanical aerators will either poke holes (possibly causing more compaction) or pull 2″-2.5” plugs out of your lawn, leaving soil sausages to sit on top of your turf. While these are better than nothing, they still lack the benefits of modern, scientifically advanced liquid aeration. 

Legacy Mechanical Aeration only covers about 20% of the lawn and is only effective to about 2.5 inches deep. Additionally, sprinkler heads, phone lines, high-speed internet lines, outdoor lighting, etc., are all at the mercy of the machine and operator.  

aeration explanation

State Of The Art Lawn Aeration

Your granddad’s mechanical aeration had lots of room for improvement, which is why GreenGates Liquid Aeration is your turf’s next-generation application.

GreenGates’ advanced liquid aeration is 100% safe for your family and your pets! GreenGates liquid aeration is a next-generation, state-of-the-art lawn aeration process. By utilizing bio-stimulants paired with oxidizing materials at crucial growth stages, your lawn will get the breakthrough you have been looking for at the same budget-friendly price of mechanical aeration. 

The 401 on Liquid Aeration

The ingredients in our liquid aeration are comprised of oxidizing materials at their key growth stages, bio-stimulants, and organic compounds, all designed to deliver oxygen, moisture, and nutrients to the turf roots. This delivery creates tiny pathways or ’micro tunnels’ that go deep into the soil. Without these tunnels, the root system cannot access what it needs most to thrive. 

Once the formula reaches the roots, it creates a chemical reaction with items already present in your soil, increasing the already present organic matter below the surface. Doing this helps to break up heavy clay particles and allows nutrients to move freely.

Reasons why GreenGates liquid aeration is perfect for your lawn:

  • Boosts root growth
  • Helps with loosening up soils that are compacted
  • Helps water and nutrients flow down deeper into the soil
  • Thatch reduction
  • 45% more turf root mass in 5 months
  • 100% coverage of your turf (mechanical only covers about 20%)
  • Each application builds where the last one left off
  • 100% safe for family & pets
  • Applied with our advanced, custom built, spray trucks & vans
  • A HUGELY beneficial lowering of soil ph levels
  • No harm to the pre-emergent weed barrier
  • Helps release stored energy
  • No broken sprinkler heads or messes from machines

Like our other services, each liquid aeration builds on top of the last. It will amplify and maximize our quality fertilizers and is fantastic insurance for your turf during late-season heat stress. Best of all, we can cover every square inch of your turf and not leave behind chunks of dirt!

But wait, theres more!…

GreenGates SUPER and SUPER DUPER liquid aeration!

Super Aeration

Our super aeration has a powerful composting de-thatcher added to the mix. The thatch in your yard is found between the soil and your grass blades. While thatch hugely benefits your turf’s ecosystem, too much thatch harbors insects and fungus pathogens. Our liquid agent works to quickly break down excess thatch and turn it into a superfood for your lawn. Often, our customers note a quick green-up several days after our application. Our Houston area soils typically have a high ph, further slowing the natural composting of thatch.

Super Duper Aeration

lawn aeration

Once the liquid aeration and de-thatching agents have been applied throughout your lawn, we then use a granular rejuvenator that will provide all the same results you would see from organic compost. This will increase water and air space and create excellent habitat conditions for soil organisms.

Both of these treatments offer superb organic nutrients that will help break up your hard soil, provide the nutrients your lawn craves, and allow for water maximization. This mix’s seasonal applications will make your lawn lush and green in no time!