healthy soil

Key to Healthy Soil

If you were to grab a handful of healthy soil and put it under a microscope, you would find more living organisms than there are people on this planet. These entities are a combination of arthropods, bacteria, fungi, microbes, nematodes, and protozoa, to name a few. Together, they are critical to the health and structure of the soil. They affect soil erosion and water availability, plus they are responsible for making nutrients available for plant use. When these ecosystems get out of whack, it can cause strange things to happen on your lawn and invite unwelcome pests and diseases. 

healthy soil

It is fair to say that most lawn care companies do not focus on your soil.  Instead, they will react to disease and pest issues as they occur. Addressing issues as they arrive is not exclusive to lawn care, as you know. But as you also know, an ounce of prevention can go a long way in reducing stress and money spent down the road. Who wants to be stuck in an endless cycle of constantly treating symptoms when there is the possibility of avoiding them overall by being proactive?  Focusing on soil health is a proactive step to getting the lawn you deserve and may have been paying for. 

Unnecessary products can destroy healthy soil and the beneficial microorganisms that are naturally present, depleting the soil of what it needs to thrive.

It’s essential to remember the health of your soil is linked directly to the health and appearance of the overall lawn. When you see lush green turf, you know the critters underneath are doing a great job maintaining a healthy soil ecosystem. The look of your grass will not always be the telltale of what’s going on underneath but will provide helpful hints. 

Working with the lawn’s natural biology is essential. A property with healthy soil will help choke weeds and require less water – sometimes as much as 20%, saving you money! That’s because healthy soils do a better job of retaining moisture and roots are more robust & efficient. 

At GreenGate, we offer a FREE SOIL TEST because we prioritize soil health. We understand that taking care of what we can’t see will give our customers benefits they CAN  see in the long run. Learn about GreenGate’s 8-Step Lawn Fertilization Program.
Plant in healthy soil

According to Columbia University’s Climate school, soils remove about 25 percent of the world’s fossil fuel emissions each year! If everyone did all they could to maintain the health of their soil, that number could increase over time, and in turn, help our environment, which is becoming more fragile by the day.

So how do I keep my soil healthy?

Lawn Aeration will work by either applying a liquid aeration treatment or performing a mechanical aeration. Both processes are designed to loosen up your soil. This will allow for better oxygen flow and increased water movement, giving your turf the ability to absorb and uptake nutrients by providing direct access to the root system. Lawn Aerations will also significantly reduce thatch, creating one less barrier between your soil and the things that it needs to thrive.

Lawn Fertilizer made with the best stuff should only ever improve the health of your soil, not hinder it. However, not all fertilizers are created equal, and knowing when to apply what products can sometimes be a headache if you are unsure about what needs to happen. By using a quality fertilizer, you can increase the good bacteria already present in your soil. Increasing the good bacteria will help your lawn develop deeper, broader roots, and in doing so, nutrient and water retention will improve. This domino effect will leave your turf with thick, healthy grass blades that are naturally resistant to disease and pests. 

Check out our Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program!

At GreenGate Turf & Pest, we know that your lawn will not behave or respond to the same things as your neighbor’s lawn. We know that to deliver on the promises we make, science MUST be involved. This is why our methods in building our fertilization and weed control program start with a FREE soil test.  How else can we ensure our program makes sense for YOUR lawn? 

Basic fertilizers have their place, but if you want thick green grass, you need to feed  your soil with a custom fertilization blend that will provide the micronutrients and root stimulators required to thrive. For this reason, you need a lawn care company that recognizes soil health as the KEY to a healthy lawn and is willing to make adjustments to products and applications when needed to get the results they promise you. 

The ground we walk on is a living, breathing entity, and working to keep it healthy can be a full-time job.  Let Greengate Turf & Pest do the hard work for you. You won’t be disappointed!