Top 10 Traits of a Great Lawn Fertilization Service Company Near You!

Number 10. Great Communication With Your Licensed Technician

Nothing makes you want to pull your hair out more than not knowing what’s going on with your piece of the planet!  How hard can it be to know when your home is going to be serviced?  What was done?  What is the history of what’s been done to my property?  A great lawn fertilization service company will give you a 24 hr notice before they come the next day and also identify what is being done to your property.  When the technician is en route to your home, it’s fair to expect a text ahead. (Quick, put up the dogs!) Once the service work has been completed, expect an email identifying in detail all services performed and what to expect moving forward.

Lawn Fertilization Technician

Number 9. Office Staff That is Actually Available!

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When you call, somebody actually answers the phone!  During normal business hours, office staff should always be available to address concerns or quickly make changes and be able to see your account and important historical details so your questions can be answered pdq and you can be on your way!

Number 8. A Great Lawn Fertilization Company Offers Scientifically Advanced Lawn Aerations

Lawn Aerations have come a long way, baby!  Your dad’s plug aerations used to be the best game in town, but science has taken this simple mechanical process that only covered about 20% of your turf and turned it on its head.  Liquid aerations typically come in 3 different levels.  Basic liquid aeration that works to relieve surface tension at the top portion of the soil and creates micro tunnels to about 6” with 100% coverage of your turf.

This is step one in getting air and irrigation to your turf roots.  Mid-grade aeration relieves surface tension but also works to break down thatch, removing harborage for insects and fungus.  And lastly, the top liquid aeration program should also include a granular application that works to further break down the chemical bonds that cause the most severe compaction.

Number 7. Uses Limited Amounts of Post Emergents (weed killers)

Most people don’t realize that weed killer are pretty tough on lawns.  The best lawn fertilization companies will use limited amounts of weed killer because they’ve mastered other methods to keep those pesky weeds at bay.  There’s no way around it; even the best fertilization programs will have a few weeds that make it through, so a spot spray here and there will always be necessary, but only as a last resort.

Number 6. Uses The BEST Pre-Emergents Science Has To Offer

Pre-emergents don’t kill weeds; they actually prevent weeds from germinating in the first place.  This limits the number of harmful weed killers needed.  A great lawn fertilization company will use the very best pre-emergents available and not cut corners with the cheap stuff.  The best fertilization companies will also know when to put out those season-specific pre-emergents.  For example, you wouldn’t put out a pre-emergent for winter clover in July!

Green lawn

Number 5. Service Technician Background Check

Pest Control technicians often need to be inside your home to service the interior, and fertilization techs work all over your property.  Work with a company that has professional background checks completed on ALL their technicians BEFORE they ever even hire them.  Peace of mind and the ability to trust your service company isn’t too much to ask.

Number 4. Licensed Technicians/Applicators

The Best lawn fertilization service companies understand the value of building a comprehensive apprenticeship program that walks new technicians through their final licensing and throughout their careers.  These programs are very important to train younger applicators to become competent professional licensed technicians.  Did you know that many of the national franchise companies, as well as discount service companies, do NOT require their technicians to be licensed?  As a consumer, it’s easy to find out about your technician’s status; just ask to see their state-issued pocket cards.

Lawn Care Technician

Number 3. A Great Lawn Fertilization Service Company Focuses On Bio Nutrition

National Franchise and discount service companies use straight chemicals to try and bring your turf along and then worry about the consequences later.  A quality lawn fertilization company will use the very best synthetic products such as nitrogen and pre-emergents but will rely mostly on bio nutrition.  A company using bio-nutrition (also called a hybrid program) utilizes nature’s very best carbon inputs and includes massive amounts of soil-enriching bacteria, fungus, and microbes to create a healthy growing ecosystem.  Rather than trying to alter your turf’s ecosystem, look for a company that enriches and fosters the perfect growing environment.

Number 2. Focuses on the Soil

Great golf courses & professional sports fields learned long ago that healthy soils, also called Biological Soil Management, is the secret to exceptional turf. Guess what, you can have that too.  While many discount service companies and national franchises don’t work Biological Soil Management into their program (which lowers their profit), a high-quality lawn fertilization service company will.  With healthy soils, you’ll notice that you need MUCH less water (savings for your), and the grass appears much thicker with a deeper, almost bluish-green.  Great soils will also help the turf to defend itself against pathogens and fungus.  You’ll get the turf you’ve been looking for with healthy soils.

Number 1. A Great Lawn Fertilization Company Offers A Free Soil Test & Analysis!!

This seems to be the most obvious place to start on a yard, and yet here we are. Discount service companies and national franchises absolutely will not perform a free soil test with the first visit or EVER.  Without a quality soil test, there is simply NO WAY to know what issues are plaguing your lawn and, more importantly, your soils.  With the information garnered from a professional soil test, your lawn fertilization service company will know how to maximize your investment into your lawn and landscape.  No free soil test??  Do yourself a huge favor and just move on.

When you are ready for your lawn care fertilization analysis, contact the professionals at Greengate Turf & Pest!