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(1) Spring/Fall Time Aeration! Aerating your lawn in The Woodlands TX will help to address our lousy soils, compacted dirt from all those ginormous lawn mowers and give some desperately needed relief to the root system. Lets face it, you don’t need to be Einstein to know that big healthy roots make for happy plants. Pulling a plug of dirt from the ground allows the soil to relax, oxygen to get to the roots and of course H2O. At GreenGate Turf , I also like to add a carbon based fertilizer at the same time……..Kapow!! Happy plants!!
lawn care the woodlands
2) Spring/Fall Time Pre-emergent! So lets get our story straight……Preemergents will NOT kill your existing weeds, however they prevent the pesky new ones from germinating. If they can’t germinate they cant grow in your yard!! Whoop whoop!! As far as your existing weeds……..well thats another story for another blog….. See?? Happy Plants!!
(3) Apply a Moisture Manager! All the golf courses are doing it!! I know, I know….what is moisture manger?? Moisture manager is a hydretain, soil surfactant that that reduces watering by up to 50% and is applied as a granular. It minimizes drought stress, controls or eliminates dry spots and enhances nutrient intake. My favorite benefit is not needing to water so often. Overwatering leads to brown patches in the fall……..and I just hate those! If your area has water restrictions in place, this is right up your alley. (And is really pretty $ cheap )
4) A Six Step Bio/Organic Fertilization Program This is really the most important of all. Lawn fertilization in The Woodlands is absolutely critical. I talk about the value of a great fertilization program on other forums so I won’t dwell on it here. But know this, chemical fertilizers kill your soils, your trees and frankly aren’t very effective. And don’t get me started on the major health issues for your pets and kids. Organics today blow the doors off chemicals and are price competitive. Not only can you fertilize your lawn, but also your shrubs, flowers and trees!! From your house to your curb, everything is fertilized!
5) Professional Mowing! Professional lawn mowing for The Woodlands TX should include uniformed and trained techs, equipment that is safe and reliable. All blades should be sharpened weekly alleviating stress on your turf. Edging along curbs should be done with a blade edger, NOT a line trimmer. Line trimming should only be used at vertical
lawn mowing the woodlands
surfaces, along flower and tree beds. Never bag your clippings, always mulch them and have all those wonderful nutrients go back into your yard! (Mulching kits and sharp blades work awesome, insist on it)
Mowing should always be done in a different direction every week. And last but not least, if your lot is 13-14k sq ft. or less, DO NOT allow these HUGE mowers to tear through your yard. It may be blinding fast for the workers, but it compacts your soils and crushes the turf roots. All lawns of this size and smaller should be done with a 30” mower or smaller. NO EXCEPTIONS. And just a helpful side note, ALWAYS request proof of liability and workers comp insurance. Protect your biggest investment……. your home.
greengate turf the woodlands
6) Install Native, Composted Mulch! This one is SOO important! Daily I see clients that have installed mulch from a bag or delivered from Rocko’s tree stump emporium and a week later the flower beds are infested with weeds and grass. Most mulches are full of weed seeds ready to germinate and little critters b-lining it to your front door. Effectively, you’ve spent years to keep this stuff out of your yard and BAM!, you just paid Rocko to bring it all back in. When you use composted mulch, the heating during the composting process kills the germinating weeds AND the little critters. I recommend mulch that has composted for 6 months. But it gets even better, as a quality mulch decomposes, is feeds your plants! And please don’t ask my opinion on
color enhanced (spray painted bark) mulch…….ugh!
7) And Finally!! We’re at lucky number seven……drum roll please… (make drum roll sound in your head) Use GreenGate Turf Management to get your lawn in The Woodlands TX looking so ridiculously awesome it drives your neighbors crazy!! HA! You own all the bragging rights!
And why should you use GreenGate Turf!!??

“Cause we groom planet Earth!!”