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Fertilizer For Your Trees: How Your Trees Could Benefit from a Lawn Fertilizer Service

When you think about lawn fertilizer service and turf care, you may not consider your trees to be a part of the equation. However, in addition to scheduling your regular weed control and lawn aeration services, ask about tree care and, more specifically, deep root tree fertilization.

Here are three ways your trees could benefit from the attention of a lawn fertilizer service.

Fertilizer For Your Trees

While this may seem obvious, given the type of services you’re seeking out, trees are often neglected in this regard. When you live in a primarily warm and often dry climate like Texas, it’s important to stay on top of care for all of your turf, flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Trees can benefit from the minerals and nutrients a fertilizer provides, especially when it aids their health. Healthy trees will grow more, have more vibrant coloration, and hold up better in inclement weather.

Deep Root Fertilizer For Your Trees

Depending on the types of trees you have — and their ages — their root system’s depth can vary. Deep root fertilization may seem unnecessary for some trees, but given the Texan climate, extra food for your trees isn’t bad.

Deep root fertilization distributes the minerals and nutrients underground so that your trees can access more of the benefits before these minerals are filtered through the soil or absorbed by the roots of your grass. This specialized process is more direct and amplifies the overall benefit of fertilization. Independent Tree reports that deep root fertilization also provides more room for roots to move and grow.


The experts at Home Guide report that aerating your lawn results in a much thicker, healthier growth. This is because the aeration process removes plugs, which creates pockets to increase air and water flow. In addition, aeration allows for a more beneficial distribution of fertilizer.

A similar effect occurs when your trees have been fertilized with the deep root method. The deep root tree fertilization process removes similar plugs of soil. Therefore, even after the fertilization treatment, these pockets will allow for continued air and water access.

Hiring a lawn fertilizer service will certainly improve the overall look of your property. However, you can make an even greater impact by including deep root fertilization and lawn aeration in your rotation of services.

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