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In addition to our lawn mowing, fertilization and mosquito barrier services, we also offer to provide service to your bush and garden beds. While this includes standard services like trimming trees and bushes before they eat your home, weed-pulling and mulching to keep them from growing back, as well as standard Fall leaf clean-up, we also include plug aeration inTomball.

Plug aeration is a seemingly crazy technique that gives unbelievable lawn and garden results. You see, over time soil becomes compacted which can begin to starve the deep roots of plants and grasses of the oxygen and nutrients they need from the air and rain. Plug aeration consists of boring many small holes into the ground and removing pellets called “plugs.” The holes left in the surface provide room for soil to loosen up into, leaving the topsoil the perfect density for plants to get what they need from the environment.

We suggest customers have their lawns and garden beds plug aerated about once a year, usually in the Spring or Fall when the air is cooler. Schedule your appointment today! You’ll be surprised at just how great your plants look after a plug aeration treatment.

If you are not satisfied, however, our Personal 100% Iron-Clad, Risk Free, “Double” Money-Back Guarantee does of course apply: if you aren’t thrilled with our service, we will redo the item in question for free, and if you still aren’t satisfied we will pay someone else to come do it again — and you won’t owe us a thing.